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Phil Huffy had a long career doing something else entirely. He is now a busy poet who writes in a variety of styles and has placed a multitude of pieces in dozens of poetry publications. He is the author of two poetry collections, Rhymal Therapy (upscale limericks) and Magic Words (lively verses for clever kids).


Trigger Warning

I have walked with ghosts and memories
and faint shadows of happy children now grown.
I have witnessed wind-struck pines,
bent and brown and hopelessly forlorn.

I have paced the narrow asphalt drive
to find fading tent sites once enjoyed,
where rustic tables hosted summer meals
and campfire laughter graced the twilight.

The numbered signs, in yellow paint,
have been removed or simply fallen,
except that proclaiming “17,”
which has a piece missing but perseveres.

Today’s explorers may discern narrow paths
down to the rock strewn lakeside,
where smooth stones were sometimes gathered
or piled up by little girls

who might not have noticed their fathers
peering out across the water,
summoning such musings as
the company and location might encourage.

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