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Ashish Dwivedi is an Indian academic researcher and creative writer, and holds an M.Phil. in English Literature from Swansea University (U.K.). Most of his work structures around the thematic cusps of liberation, satire, and tragedy. His creativity has been featured/is upcoming in Literary Heist, Muse India, Poetry Pacific, and the Oddball Magazine, amongst other places. Currently, he volunteers at Tint Journal (Graz, Austria) as Assistant Editor of Poetry and Fiction; aspires to begin his doctorate on a surprising subject; and plans a second-trip to Mussoorie.


Trigger Warning

please do not bleed,
not right now.
hold your blood
couched in sugar pockets,
and this hurts to say, ain’t
a demon, your brother
but do not whimper
when we are this close
the light is there,
a prayer away, and
your blood shall clot
and naked skin shall clasp
and dry up and fall
like the pyre of Papa.
it ceases to breathe
and the pain transforms
into the kiss of a butterfly
ticklish and healing.
but only if you let me
carry your bones and
I promise, I won’t make haste,
please don’t give up.
this circus is a maze,
but think about the world outside,
the blossoms of our mother’s
waiting eyes, hope lingers
steady until her children
are no more, so please –

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