Colin Ian Jeffery is an established English poet and novelist with world-wide reputation, his books can be purchased from Amazon and all good bookshops. He was seven, a choirboy, when he became entranced by poetry after hearing the priest read the twenty-third psalm. The beauty of the words struck his soul like lightning, and his Muse began to sing. He then found poetry was being read on the BBC radio Home Service and would listen in awe and delight to such poets as Dylan Thomas, John Betjeman, and Ted Hughes.


Trigger Warning

Monstrous Putin, bloody Russian dictator, wading in blood
Vile creature isolated in ivory tower using murder and terror
Oppressing own people, greedy to increase his empire
Invaded Ukraine massacring men, women and children
Shelling, bombing, guided missiles fired at civilian areas
Russian army doing war crimes shocking the world.
Putin and military leaders declaring lies as the truth
Determined to crush and destroy Ukraine until no more
Country absorbed into Russia with only Russian spoken.
Ukraine stood magnificent and resolved against Russian might
Fought valiantly to withstand and overcome, repelling the enemy
Standing alone for world democracy supported by free nations
Providing aid to see Ukraine flag fly over a free country
Where children play without terror of Russian oppression.
Hero of history, Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky,
Stood defiant like Winston Churchill against Hitler’s Nazi hordes
Keeping world free from dictator’s insane dreams of empire.
Evil and lies never survive hearts of good loving people.

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