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Caroline Reddy’s work has appeared in, Braided Way, Clinch, Bethlehem writers roundtable, and Star*Line, among others. In the fall of 2021, my poem “A Sacred Dance” was nominated for Best of The Net prize by ActiveMuse.


Trigger Warning

The auditorium was dimly lit
when the healer
transformed into Merlin
and transmuted the stale energy
into rays of light.

I felt intense heat
smooth over the divorce papers—
as I began to reclaim
faint tunes
of the universe once more.

I wanted to wave
my fingers mid-air
improvising over the piano keys

but the pipes were still clogged
with rancid tears—

so I let entropy reside
in my skin
as I felt bits of me slip
into the underworld.

I paused:
between each breath
as the shivers appeared again…

I huddled
beneath the bookshelves
as the selves disappeared again…

I stripped off my socks and watched toes
atop the pebbles and the dewy grass.

I walked barefoot
through the labyrinth
and listened to the butterflies
as I bathed in their flutter
at the start of a soul retrieval journey.

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