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Bhoj Kumar Dhamala (Nepal) is M.A, M.Phil in English Literature. He is leading educationist, lecturer in English for undergraduate students, and the Founder Principal of Zone Academy Boarding School, Boudha, Kathmandu. He has published his articles and poems in different national and international media/journals. He is passionate to write for social causes. He writes less but what he writes is always meaningful. He believes one cannot be the writer just jotting down the words. He is the published author of the poetry anthology “The Selfish City.” He is involved in different social organizations and has been supporting Anirudra Memorial Geriatric Home, Okhaldhunga, Nepal, as Vice- Chairman.


Trigger Warning

People today
In the hope of security
Concentrate them into the small space,
Limit infinite chaos, wider occupancy, and horizon.
Poor creatures
Feel supreme, a balloon identity,
The moth, from the window-pane, mocks at
Your vulnerable and the gliding unending dreams.
Free hawk
Looks down wantonly
For the prey unhurried unlike the man
Knows his limitlessness into the big chaos and the blessing.

4 thoughts on “The Infinite Chaos

  1. Poet Bhoj kumar dhamala from Nepal always satisfies his readers with meaningful play of words. So, I always love to read him.

  2. “People today in the hope of security”… A real view to see the modern society. It shows how cripple we people are ! we r running to be free from wants and fear. I think we never can. I salute to poet bhoj for his direct attribution to ‘supreme man’

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