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RC deWinter’s poetry is widely anthologized, notably in New York City Haiku (NY Times, February 2017), Coffin Bell Two (March 2020), Winter Anthology: Healing Felines and Femmes, (Other Worldly Women Press, December 2020), Now We Heal: An Anthology of Hope, (Wellworth Publishing, December 2020) in print: 2River, Event, Gargoyle Magazine, Meat For Tea: The Valley Review, the minnesota review, Night Picnic Journal, Prairie Schooner, Southword among others and appears in numerous online literary journals.


Trigger Warning

naked streets gray and mostly silent //
only occasional dog walkers break the monotony
of nothing to see //

no gloved and hatted graduates of the master gardener class
that didn’t happen this year kneel in front yards //
digging planting dividing in the supplication of the hopeful //

no more neighborhood gabfests featuring the latest gossip //
the old ladies who live for those tidbits sit alone
starving in their too large houses

the only communication the latest bad news
from the town // anonymous necrology stats //
telephone numbers for the desperate  //

when the gold coast sun burns
in the relentless humidity of july and august
there will be no swimming //

closing my eyes i imagine the biggest shareholders
of electricity suppliers smiling
when air conditioners hum costly oratorios 24/7 //

there’ll be no complaining about the
neverending noise this summer //
no fenced barkers // screaming kids

backyard picnics // fireworks //
only the crow on the sill
reciting all the no-good news //

i begin to wonder if too much silence
is as deadly as not enough //
i wonder if i’ll find out //

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