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M.T. Bennett is a medical student who enjoys writing in his “free” time. He is the author of “Dark and Bright: Poetry and Prose.” His work can be found in Chiasm, Intuition, In Parenthesis, Poet’s Choice Zine, HEAL, and America Media. He physically resides in Georgia with his wife and son and digitally resides on Twitter @BennettEmpty and on Medium as Empty_Bennett.


Trigger Warning

The winds out in the desert
Make the storms rage in the sea
Blowing out a call to arms
Which resonates in me.
How will you react when thunder cracks
And lightning is thrown down?
Will you stand tall and face it all
To gain that laurel crown?
Eternal stars up in the heavens
Sometimes fall down from the sky
In a flash of smoke they crash
And then grow cold and die.
Don’t let their failure frighten you
Wipe away thy worried tear.
We must have action at this time,
There is no room for fear.
Now shout a promise to the world
We’ll bring fire, we’ll bring rain.
We’ll risk it all, perchance to fall,

But what a victory we could gain…

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