Dr. Sandhya V Alok is a pediatrician in India. She’s a new poet, who is passionate about literature and music. Her work has appeared in grand little things, among others.


Trigger Warning

Earth’s Nature took a backseat.
Mutant man, loomed a siege.
Now he decides earth’s future.
A tiny troublesome pest
with a delusion of grandeur.

He appeases the fair,
aspires white:
Forgets it’s the dusky soil
that nurtures him.
Neglected land smoking
puffing pollution.
Degrees rise, bubbles boil.

Here’s where I come in…
My dream’s to frameshift white to green.
My goal’s to elevate brown to blue.

You see, I’m invisible, invincible.
He turns a deaf ear to my silent roar.
For he neglects the brown, black.
When will he learn? I laugh.

I have begun my life’s mission.
The flow of white lava…
Glaciers melt, seas rise,
lands submerge.
Greenland shall truly be
a beautiful green hue.

Thriving is always a symbiosis.
Equality and harmony of all- living and non-.
As long as he tips towards prejudice,
I, Global Warming, shall conquer Earth.

Mother Nature cries,
“Black lives matter”…

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