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An Irish writer, David O’Connor has found a new home in Toronto since 2018. David believes poets, writers and other artists have a role to play in healing the collective consciousness, in particular, during the prevailing crisis of our time, COVID-19. His work has been published in Voices 2020, A Toronto Writers’ Cooperative Anthology.


Trigger Warning

Are these the new transparencies?
Visors, the view through
an ambulance window.
Blocks of ice in rented vans

How gauche to be standing in line,
Shopping for avocados.
‘They say the animals are taking over’,
A silvering woman tells a shop assistant.
(She might be right you know, I counted
Twenty-four Robins at Trinity Bellwoods.)
A Plexiglass stare says move along

Amethyst ring and forefinger,
She bores under a half-mask and winches it over her lips.
Outside a man is waiting, careworn eyes – a taxi,
a husband?
He meets her at the door.
She doles out her shopping bags
And the heft
Slumps in his arms.

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