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Rosa Arlotto graduated from UofT Erindale College in languages. She is the author of the novel, The Maestro and Margherita, an e-book, publisher: R. L. Hartley. The novel is also available in paperback on Lulu. Rosa has also published two books of poetry, Record of a Modern Heart and Flower of Poison by Publish America. Her works can often be found in the online quarterly magazine Literary Heist. She is currently one of the organizers of the Artbar Poetry reading series and a new member of TWC Co-op.


Trigger Warning

What am I drunk on that takes me away from the reality of this world?

My thoughts hesitate on this
Would you believe me
If I said
I’m in tune with the reality of this earth?
I make no remark about life
Nor how I never tire of it
Though I know it wouldn’t last.
The nice thing is not feeling
Hopelessly under accomplished.
Looking up now and then
I find faces of creatures
Asking me to genuflect and pray
They look good
You would never know the work they do
Some others are just tripping away.
They have a hold on us
These creatures
Perhaps they want to say
Something about their origins.
There is splendor however about the here and now
In this peaceful recovery
And I just don’t give a damn
About anything else.
I know it’s foolish
Turn a blind eye
To the atrocities taking place on this earth
But it’s all too familiar
Just a new familiar
And one of my most profound resolves
Is just to let things happen
And push on somehow
For better or worst.

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